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    Our team of senior engineers can organize the best commodity source for you. By supplying the best Chinese products, Professional design and responsible attitude on service,we devote to creating our unique brand "HUATAO" in global.

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    Excellent quality

    And our products and service have been recognized and trusted by the end users all the way. We believe, once we have the cooperation, "HUATAO" will be your most reliable partners in your road to success. Because of trust , business will be simple.

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    Our Team

    HuaTao Lover Ltd implemented the "amoeba" mode of management, production department and sales department is separate from the business, and buy a sales department are independent accounting business model.

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    Stable quality control
    Rich professional experience
    Quick delivery, short delivery
    The most competitive price advantage
    Support third party inspection
    Professional service team
    Accept all kinds of OEM orders
    Providing technical services and Solutions


  • Stock Preparation

  • Paper Machinery Equipment

  • Cardboard Machine and Parts

  • Paper Machine Clothing

  • Industrial Felts

  • Mining Equipment and Parts


  • Six factors will affect the using effect of low concentration cleaner

    In general,following six factors will affect the using effect of low concentration cleaner: 1. Installation height: Installation height has a great impact on the sand removal effect and system stability. The slag remover system should be built at a position higher than t...

  • How To Choose Paper Machine Felt

    ① according to the technical conditions of paper machine production A, line pressure and mechanical load B, the size of the vacuum C, washing conditions D, slurry situation E, dehydration method ② with reference to the previous use of blankets to choose For the normal operation of the paper machi...

  • HUATAO has a professional team to serve you

    HUATAO GROUP is a specialised team for develop the new material wire mesh. Tufflex is a light, flexible polyurethane mesh screen with similar open area as woven wire screens. The mesh is cut and hook-edged to suit all types of screening equipment with a cambered deck (side- and end-tensioned). Th...



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