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Breast Roll for Paper Making Machine

Short Description:

The breast rolls are used in the forming section of a Paper Machine, immediately after the head box. It is the first roll on the paper machine,the beginning of the forming section, are mainly used for the forming section driving and dewatering.

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Breast Roll for Paper Making Machine

Basic Info:

Length: 2100-12000mm
Dynamic balance grade: G2.5
Shaft head: 45# round steel
Bulkhead: HT250-HT300
Trademark: HUATAO
Specification: Customized
Origin: China
HS Code: 843910000


Breast roller is a rotating roller at the side of the long net near the slurry box.
It is driven by the net, and must have enough stiffness, under the tension of the net without bending.Roll body commonly used seamless steel tube or steel plate rolled,
the surface coated with adhesive, thickness, hardness depending on the specific situation.
The breast roller must be equipped with a spatula so that the pulp block does not follow the roller and is clamped between the roller and the net.Usually, the breastroller is the first roller on the paper machine, is the beginning of the network, one of its role is to support the forming network.
The forming net changes direction on the breastroller. After passing the breastroller, the non-working face of the forming net becomes the working face.
In many cases, the breastroll is also a dehydrating part of the table, the Internet pulp can be in the breastroll to remove part or most of the water.
The breast roll is a tubular roll structure with sufficient stiffness and minimum deflection to prevent the copper mesh from wrinkling.
In order to reduce the load of copper net driven breastroller, the weight of breastroller should be light.
Generally medium and small low speed paper machine breastroller is not high, large high speed paper machine breastroller is slightly high.                                                                             


Name Breast Roll
Diameter: 460-1600mm
Face length: 2100-12000mm
Dynamic balancing speed: 250-1200m/min
Dynamic balancing quality: G2.5/G4
Applications: Paper Mill


1. High tear strength -Superior toughness to withstand impact at high loads without cracking.
2. Superior abrasion resistance - Maintains crown and venting profile. This will also increase the time between regrinds.


Products will packaged according to their shapes, weight, transport distance and transport modes.Largemachines will be packaged in sections.every partexportmachinery will be in standard exportpackageseaworthy wooden casewaterproof film, straw rope, carton box etc.



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