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Gravity Cylinder Thickener for Pulp Production Line

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Cylinder thickener used for washing and thickening low consistency pulp in paper making and pulping process. It’s gravity filtration equipment.

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Gravity Cylinder Thickener for Pulp Production Line



The central spindle of the filter consists of several rows of filter discs. Each row of discs is composed of 8/10 pieces of fan-shaped plates of the same size and equal area. The sector plates are fixed on the hollow shaft by bolts. When the main shaft is running and the fan-shaped plate is not below the liquid level, there is a liquid level difference between the slurry and the hollow shaft in the tank. Under the action of the liquid level difference, the water in the slurry enters the hollow shaft through the filter screen covering the fan-shaped plate. And the connecting pipe flows out, the slurry is intercepted by the filter net to realize the separation of the slurry water, and the slurry covering the filter net loses the adhesion due to the disappearance of the liquid level difference when the fan-shaped plate is turned out of the liquid surface, under the action of gravity Automatic stripping, stripped high-concentration slurry with the operation of the disc to drive overflow into the slurry pool, to achieve the purpose of concentration .

The equipment is mainly used in low-concentration of mechanical wood pulp, waste paper pulp, mash pulp, bamboo pulp, mash slurry, straw pulp, etc. with low freeness (higher beating degree), short fiber or high pulp concentration. Gravity disc concentrators can be used to increase the concentration. High degree of automation, easy operation, reliable operation, large production capacity, low power consumption and convenient management. The fan-shaped plate is made up of stainless steel orifice plate covered with steel wire mesh, which is convenient to assemble and disassemble, and can filter fine fibers, chemical crystal particles, fillers, etc. in the slurry.
Structure is simple and operation is safe and reliable. Discharge consistency and white water consistency is easy to be controlled.
Bulk degree of pulp layer forming in this equipment is high and fine impurities has stronger penetrability. So, this equipment is more adaptable to using washing method to remove such fine impurities as ink particles and ash etc.

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