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How To Choose Paper Machine Felt

① according to the technical conditions of paper machine production
A, line pressure and mechanical load
B, the size of the vacuum
C, washing conditions
D, slurry situation
E, dehydration method

② with reference to the previous use of blankets to choose
For the normal operation of the paper machine, in the re-selection of paper blankets, you must refer to the previous use of papermaking blankets to improve the situation, so as to the variety of blankets, quantitative, air permeability, thickness and other special requirements to make the right choice, So that the re-selection of paper blankets more adapt to the needs of paper machines to prevent improper selection of blankets caused by the production of abnormal factors.

③ with the blanket supplier of technical personnel exchange
With the continuous improvement of papermaking technology, the matching performance of papermaking blankets is also increasing, so the performance of papermaking blankets more refined, more and more varieties, but also in the process of producing papermaking blankets need Adjust the factors are still a lot, these undoubtedly to the mill`s engineering and technical personnel in the choice of blankets brought a lot of trouble. With the blanket supplier technician regular technical exchange is a good way to really make the papermaking blanket is designed next to the paper machine.


Post time: Jan-20-2021
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