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Paper Pulp Cleaning High Consistency Cleaner

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Paper Pulp Cleaning High Consistency Cleaner is used for getting rid of heavy impurities and parts of light impurities, suitable for purifying high, middle and low consistency pulp. Reducing different between inlet and outlet, save energy by 25% – 35%.Paper Pulp Cleaning High Consistency Cleaner is made of stainless steel upper part, the lower part of wear-resistant ceramic, the inner wall of the body in a spiral cone design. It can be used in the pulp purification system to remove waste slurry mixed, wax, adhesive, plastic film, foam, gas, sand, iron and other light and heavy impurities.

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Paper Pulp Cleaning High Consistency Cleaner


The process of waste paper pulping is to remove all kinds of impurity from waste pulp, but in the pulping process it will inevitably encounter impurity breaking into smaller pieces. How to aovid impurity breaking into smaller pieces as fas as possible when getting high quality pulp, it always is the goal for many paper maker experts.
High consistency cleaner used on wastepaper pulping production line is the ideal paper making equipment used to remove the metal, sand and other heavy impurities with a large specific gravity in the paper pulp at a higher concentration to obtain the pulp stock of high quality. Meanwhile, it is also the necessary equipment for pulping and purifying of waste paper.


Type HT-11 HT-12 HT-13 HT-14 HT-15 HT-16 HT-17
Throughput(L/min) 800-1200 1400-1800 2000-2800 3000-4500 5000-6000 6500-8000 9000-12000
Inlet Consistency(%) (H)2.5-5 (M)1-2.5
Inlet Pressure(MPa) 0.15-0.35
Reject Auto & Manual


1. Simple structure, small footprint, large capacity, easy to operate.
2. Do not plug the slagging, and high purification efficiency.
3. Fiber loss is zero, cone wear, long life, no drive, no power, installed in the slurry transport process can be achieved deslagging effect.


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