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Rotary Joint For Corrugated Cardboard Industry

Short Description:

Rotary Joint is a rotary sealing device that connects rotating equipment to the roller and is used to transport steam, water, heat transfer oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, air, and other media. Medium: steam, water, heat transfer oil, coolant, air, hydraulic oil, etc.



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Product Descripation of Rotary Joint

Rotary joint is a kind of rotate mechanical seal, which is for fixed and rotate roller to convey and exhaust the heat conduction medium.For example,It is used for heating steam, hot water, hot oil, hot media, or for cooling water, brine, ammonia, freon and other cold media, supply in the rotating roller, roller or cylinder,and used for the compressed air, oil and other media,supply the clutch and the chuck of a rotating machine etc.


Technical Parameters of Rotary Joint

Max. Speed
Max. Temperature
250 ºC
Max. Pressure
Steam, Hot Oil
Stainless Steel/Carbon Graphite/Carbon Fiber


Features of Rotary Joint

  • Spherical sealing structure, self-supporting and external compensation design.
  • Relying on the spring to push the shell to move backward along the axial direction to compensate the seal wear and complete the seal isolation between the internal medium and the external air.
  • It needs reasonable installation and regular maintenance to ensure the use of products in the equipment.


Applications of Rotary Joint

Widely used in papermaking, packaging, steel, rubber, plastic, textile, leather, printing and dyeing, chemical, food, printing, wind power, solar energy, engineering machinery and other industries. Mainly solve the phenomenon of running, emitting, dripping and leaking in the industry.






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