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SS316 SS304 SS316L conveyor belt for nonwoven production

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Huatao Group has been designed and providing conveyor belt solutions in forming section, binder section and dryer section in nonwovens industry and fiber glass tissue industry.

Raw material of our nonwoven stainless steel mesh belts are made of: SS304or SS316, SS316L, wire dimension is stable, surface is flat, without any defects, weaves or wrinkles.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    SS316 SS304 SS316L conveyor belt for nonwoven production 

    Huatao Grouo majored in the Non-Woven Process Belts for the non-woven manufacturing process, we offer plastic and metal wire belts and conveyors for each step from web forming to bonding.

    Metal woven wire mesh belts are not like chain driven conveyor belts, but are driven by self-correcting rolls which are on high tension. These type of metal woven wire mesh belts are easy to apply, very stable, usually have lower weight than metal chain belts and can withstand severe circumstances.

    Woven metal wire mesh belts are often used in industries such as heat treatment plants, food processing, baking, snacks, automotive and many more. It is important that belts within these kind of industries can handle metallic parts for instance and have openings for accurate air or water permeability in order to dry or wash, for non-food as well as the food industry. These mesh belts can withstand severe conditions and can operate at very low and high temperatures, withstand salt, chemicals and corrosion due to high quality materials like stainless steel (SS304, SS316, SS316L  INOX).

    Nonwoven stainless steel mesh belts are made from various materials:
    Polyester, polyamide, stainless steel and bronze.
    Weaving: up to 18’ -6 m- wide
    Aperture: from 150 to 1600 CFM
    Seams: endless woven or non marking pin seam

    Nonwoven stainless steel mesh belts Specification
    Cable wire pitch:0.5-2mmmm
    Rod Pitch:0.8mm-3mm
    Cable wire:0.5mm-1.0mm
    Rod dia: 0.6mm-1.5mm
    Selvage: welded or cable loop cross rods
    Joint: open ends or on your requirement
    Size: Could customized on your requirement
    Material: SS304, SS316, SS316L

    Metal wire Characteristics and advantage
    Smooth and flat surface for transport
    Direct run with hot roller
    Opening suitable for heat distributor
    Easily cleaned and fitted
    Long working life and short downtime
    Without weaves or wrinkles

    Metal wire Application
    Widely used in the nonwoven fabric production, dryer section for glassfiber tissue production, serve as the function of drying.

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