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Stainless Steel Headbox for Paper Making Machinery

Short Description:

Min. Order: 1 set
Port: Tianjin, China

Production Capacity: 100sets Per Month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
Certification: ISO 9001:2000
Material: Stainless Steel
Suitable Paper Machine Speed: 250-550m/Min
Warranty: 12month
Transport Package: Wooden Box or as Your Indication
Trademark: Huatao

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Description About Air Cushion Headbox:

The headbox is consisting of a slurry distributor(Cone pipedevice), a homogenizer, a lip device, box body and support,gas supply system,Spray device, dispersant piping system, and computer control system.

Lip Device Description:

The Lip device by the upper and lower lip, fine-tuning mechanism and lip opening indicator and so on.

1.The lower lip can be moved back and forth to adjust the spray angle and drop point of the slurry to achieve the best paper quality.
2.Grouting uses a combined lip with a horizontally flat and elastic small vertical lip plate to further improve the mortarMaterial distribution. The vertical small lip is equipped with a fine pitch (about 122mm) for fine adjustment. The dial indicator shows the value of 0.01mm.Can be adjusted precisely
3. The adjustment of the opening of the upper lip plate adopts a worm gear structure;
4. The lower lip is made of high-quality stainless steel (316L) without screw holes in the box; the vertical small lip is made of high-quality stainless steel(316L) processing.
5. Gill flow holes are provided on both sides of the lips to adjust the basis weight of the paper web. The gill flow holes have matching flanges;

Headbox Body Description:

1.Headbox base using Q235A, with mirror panel
2. The front and rear wall panels of the box and the wall panels on both sides are processed by stainless steel plate (316L);
3. Operation (drive) side wall panel is equipped with sight glass manhole cover for easy observation of slurry flow and maintenance
4. The box is equipped with a front walkway and an escalator, and the materials are all stainless steel
5. The box is equipped with front wall overflow, overflow holes with matching flanges and piping;
6. The parts of the cabinet that are in contact with the slurry are finely polished to ensure that no hung up slurry. Neat outer surface;
7.The lip part and the rear section of the step orifice plate are provided with cleaning holes to facilitate headbox cleaning.

Homogenizer device Description:

1.Homogenizerdeviceismade oftwo homogenate roll (lip homogenate roll and throat homogenate roll).
2.Homogenate rolldiameter is Φ250,opening ratio of throatroll is 38%, opening ratio of lip roll is 51%
3. homogenate roll is made of customized high quality cold-rolled stainless steel tube (304),arranged in a double helix;
4.The transmissionof homegenate rolladopts steplesstransmission,which can be continuously variable accordingly to the process requirements between 9and 15rpm.

Stainless Steel Headbox for Paper Making Machinery
Stainless Steel Headbox for Paper Making Machinery
Stainless Steel Headbox for Paper Making Machinery

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