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Woven Dryer Fabric for Paper Mill

Short Description:

Dryer fabric can be classified depending on weaving struction can be divided into woven type and spiral type. The main function of the dryer fabric is to improve the contact between the paper and the dryer in the process of guiding the wet paper through the drying section, so as to obtain high output, low energy consumption and give the paper good performance.

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Woven Dryer Fabric for Paper Mill



Woven Dryer Screen also called Dryer Canvas,Dryer Section Net,Conveyor Screens,Dryer Belt and so on.It will be used for dryer section of paper machinery.
Our woven dryer screens can be divided into 3-shed, 4-shed & 8-shed. Made from high grade flat monofilament and round monofilament polyester yarns.
Used in the dryer section of paper machine to produce new print paper, writing paper, carbon less paper, copper print, etc.
Seam Type: Insert, Pin, Ping ring, Spiral ring join.


Woven Dryer Screens Feature:

1.Strong seam design.Excellent drying and heat transfer-Good drainage and permeability, long lifetime-Smooth surface and Stable structure
2.Good runnability reduces paper flutter and breaks
3.Contamination resistant and easy cleaning for good using life


Flat Yarn Dryer Screen Specification:

Pattern description: 4 Shed
Warp density: 18.0 -19.0 thread/cm
Weft density: 14.0 -15.0 thread/cm
Warp diameter: 0.58×0.38mm PET
Weft diameter: 0.60mm PET
Air Permeability: 100-550 CFM
Caliper: 1.620 mm
Specific Elongation at 50N: ≥2000 N/cm
Raw materials adopt high hydrolysis monofilament


Round Wire Dryer Screen Specification:

Pattern description: 4 Shed
Warp density: 22.5 -23.5 thread/cm
Weft density: 11.0 -12.0 thread/cm
Warp diameter: 0.50mm PET
Weft diameter: 0.50mm PET
Air Permeability: 350-700 CFM
Caliper: 1.800 mm
Fabric tenacity at break: ≥2000 N/cm





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